A Theatre Graduate of the University of Michigan, Robert (Barry) Goldie formed the Upper Madawaska Theatre Group in 1976 along with a group of new found friends. The troupe continues performing under his direction into the new millennium. Along with many new faces, it still includes some of the original founding members, including Barry.


Upper Madawaska Theatre Group Repertoire:

1977 Live Spelled Backwards
1978 A Place to Roost
1979 Say It

Waiting for the Bus

1980 Euchred

Sow your Own

1981 Waiting for the Apocalypse

The Ugly Duckling

Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations

1982 Tango
1983 That’s Unemployment

The Object of a Proposition

1984 Stella

Was She Sown or Was She Reaped

– Mother’s Little Lifeboat – One Act – Ish Theilheimer

1985 Dracula, The Musical
1987 The Foreigner
1988 Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
1990s Mystery Dinner Theatres
1992 Al Capone’s Hideout
1997 – Comedy Nite, 14 Freudian Delights – Two Act Comedy
– Theatre in the Park, The History of Killaloe – One Act Historical
1999 Comedy Nite II, Television Unplugged
2000 Take Me Back to Killaloe