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Upper Madawaska Theatre Group

A Theatre Graduate of the University of Michigan, Robert (Barry) Goldie formed the Upper Madawaska Theatre Group in 1976 along with a group of new found friends. The troupe continues performing under his direction into the new millennium. Along with

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Take Me Back To Killaloe

This one act musical comedy was created as a gift to Killaloe for it’s Millennium celebration, July 2000. It was performed twice in Station Park to very appreciative audiences. The writers were Marnie MacKay, Lynn Flokstra, Oona Woods, Barry Goldie,

Comedy Nite II Television Unplugged

This two act comedy was written and performed by Barry Goldie, Lee Lafont, Heinz Schimansky, Tim Storey, Marnie MacKay and Lynn Flokstra. Additional performers included Lani Harbrecht, Ed Roman, Lauren Bromwich, Doug Hempstead, Sylvia, Alexa Fretz, Lucy King and John

Al Capone’s Hideout

Al Capone’s Hide Out was a two act musical comedy based on local folklore. Legend has it that Capone had a log cabin built in 1942 along the Letterkenny road near Quadeville. Directed by Barry Goldie and written by Heinz

Mystery Dinner Theaters

During the early 1990s the Upper Madawaska Theatre Group performed 4 Mystery Dinner Theatres to help raise funds for local causes. The performances were as follows: The Barons Last Request A Baron leaves a video will which starts a chain

Come Back To The 5 And Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Come Back to the 5 and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean was a two act comedy drama written by Ed Graczyk and directed by Barry Goldie. For a complete list of cast and crew click on the Program photos above

The Foreigner

The Foreigner was written by Larry Shue and has been performed throughout North America. The Upper Madawaska Theatre Group’s rendition was directed by Barry Goldie.    

Dracula, The Musical

Dracula – The Musical, a two act musical comedy, was written by Rick Abbot and directed by Barry Goldie.  Additional support was provided by Mary Wilson as Choreographer, Lee Lafont as Technical Director, Jim Mahaffy as Vocal Director, Nancy Thompson

Was She Sown Or Was She Reaped

Was She Sown or Was She Reaped was a one act play written by J. G. Campbell and directed by Lee Lafont.  


Stella was a one act play written by Terrence Kelly and directed by Barry Goldie. It featured Adrienne Sans Soucy and Ken Deluca.