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Stephen Ryan is known as the Father of Incorporation of Killaloe. The prominent businessman submitted a petition for incorporation as a village January 10, 1908. The population of Killaloe was considered too small at the time to warrant incorporation which wasn’t officially granted until 1911. The first Reeve of Killaloe was John M. Gorman who held the office from 1911 to 1914.

Reeves of Killaloe

John M. Gorman 1911-1914

William McCarthy 1915-1918

J.P. Moran 1919-1921

P.J. Harrington 1922

Paul Vincent 1923

M.J. Roche 1924-1926

Martin Roche 1927

John Dunnigan 1929

Andrew Moran 1929-1939

William McCarthy 1940-1952

Dennis Ryan 1953

P.J. McCarthy 1954-1962

Daniel Felhaber 1963-1970

Jack White 1971-1986

Emerson Lepine 1986-1998

Isabel O’Reilly 1998-2000

Janice Bush became reeve of the amalgamated municipality of Killaloe Hagarty and Richards in the year 2000.