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One of the greatest influences in the development of Killaloe was the construction of J.R.Booth’s , Ottawa, Arnprior, Parry Sound Railway, built between 1892 and 1896. Booth sought a quick route to the United States market for his mill products.

In 1893 the railway reached Fort McDonell (Killaloe Station). The Killaloe Railway Station officially opened in 1896 and was an original J.R. Booth style found only on the Booth line. The station at Barry’s Bay is the only one still in existence.

The Ottawa, Arnprior, Parry Sound Railway was absorbed by the Canada Atlantic in 1899 and sold to Grand Trunk Railway of Canada in 1905. Later it became part of Canadian National Railway in 1923.The last passenger service between Ottawa and Barry’s Bay was in 1962. The Killaloe Train Station building was demolished in 1968. Killaloe Station Park was built on the site of the old railway station. The two grey stripes in the red brick walkway symbolize the steel rails that once lay over the path.