The partners:

  • Killaloe and District Public Library
  • Friends of the Killaloe and District Public Library
  • Principal and teachers at Killaloe Public School
  • Principal and teachers at St. Andrew’s Catholic School

Partners are collaborating to make this event an exciting and memorable experience for the children and their parents, guardians, and grandparents.

A group of very able volunteers are working under the leadership of Cathy Lyons and Phil Godon to ensure that all elements of the BookFest will culminate in success. In even greater measure, success will depend on the generosity of the community, its businesses, and its institutions which contribute financially and in-kind to make our vision a reality. These are listed on the Sponsors page.

Our vision is that children will be inspired toward greater heights through exposure to genuine, successful authors. Children will interact more enthusiastically with the authors if their significant adults engage with them. Both adults and children will find treasures in their time together. Hence the by-line: “Something to share with your kids and grandchildren”.

Read our initial idea document, “Inaugural Killaloe Kids BookFest” which can be found in the Documents section.

About – Information about the partners and organizers bringing these events to you.

Authors – The children’s authors, the dates, times and places of their visits.

Sponsors – The businesses, groups, and individuals who help inaugurate the annual Killaloe Kids BookFest.

Documents – Background, news, articles, and other information.

Volunteer – Let us know if you have ability in any of these areas, and come join the team.

Contribute – The Killaloe Kids BookFest will be sustainable only if the community can contribute financially.

Past BookFests – Find out about all the authors who have visited in the past.