Family Literacy Activity Kits

Family literacy activity Kits

With financial support from the Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund and the Friends of the Killaloe and District Library, the Killaloe Library is happy to announce the arrival of 18 Family Literacy Activity Kits…a new way for family’s to learn and have fun.

Family Literacy Activity Kits (FLAK’s) are kits of theme based  books, CD’s, and/or DVD’s, craft suggestions, activities and resources, put together in a carrying case that can be signed out for a one week period by anyone with a Killaloe Public Library membership card.

FLAKS are designed for families of all kinds to enjoy time together as they read, listen to music, sing, and have fun with a craft or activity.

There are 18 FLAK’s to choose from, designed for three age groups; 0-3, 4-7 and 8-12 year olds. The themes range from science themes like bugs and stars and sky, to social themes like bullying and being a being unique. Drop by your library and check out these new ways to enjoy reading and learning!

We thank our fabulous Volunteer Children’s Program Coordinator, Cathy Lyons for developing and implementing this valuable initiative!